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Savills Internship Program: Intern' Take On Real Estate

Our latest group of ambitious interns shared how their hard work and determination helped them open doors within our dynamic real estate company.


Nguyen Minh Duc, MarCom Intern

"Before my internship, I had a different view of operating a property. Upon working in a real estate service provider such as Savills, I learnt that behind the experience and amenities that we enjoy every day, there is an entire team working around the clock. My internship has helped me understand the value and importance of property management teams and the amount of work that they do to keep things running smoothly."

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Le Minh Quang, MarCom Intern

"At Savills, I worked with the team on Public Relations. The three-month internship has helped me gain an in-depth understanding of real estate and be selective in the data that I use. The first few weeks were daunting since I have not worked in the industry before. I soon realized that all backgrounds come in handy as I was utilizing my political, cultural and economic into the work of a communicator."

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Nguyen Minh Phuong, Sales Intern

"My internship has been key to establishing my professional understanding of the real estate industry. I did not only learn skills, but I actively enjoyed consulting with customers and inspecting properties. These tasks allowed me to learn and practice the skills I need in this industry. My biggest takeaway is that now I understand that sales work is not just about selling, but rather, consultants act as the bridge between investors, developers, and buyers. After having the chance to work as a sales consultant at Savills, I will be able to work with business clients more efficiently."

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Tran Viet Yen, Research Intern

"I have gained new perspectives on how to work with data from a real estate angle. Although my university taught me the basics, there is more to data analysis than just numbers. At Savills, I had hands-on experience and learnt the diverse range of metrics I need to get ahead in my career as a researcher. I have learnt how to do field research and use that data within specific research approaches. I know now that to yield valuable insights and trends, I need to consider a wide range of metrics, including but not limited to demographics, lifestyles, and living conditions of the market."

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