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Savills: The Female Lead

As a market leader, we cannot fail to mention the contributions of our female Savillians. They are top experts in the field and have inspired many throughout their years at Savills.​ In the spirit of women’s empowerment, we would love to celebrate their efforts by sharing the stories of our female department heads on their inspirations and path to success.​

Mrs Le My Hanh - Senior Finance Manager Savills Ha Noi

"When comparing myself with others, perhaps I am not a successful person. Career-wise, I have managed, but also been managed by other people. However, every person is an individual; therefore, I do not define my success by others, but rather how I feel in terms of my health, work, and family.

My success is reflected through how I have found a job that suits me and a company I have grown fond of. This fuels my enjoyment and dedication to the journey I have with Savills, even though it started 18 years ago."

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Mrs Le Thi Phuong Lan - Head of Investment Savills Ha Noi

"I often find motivations in the difficulties and challenges that I have faced.​

As I have overprotective parents, those things could have easily passed me by. When I first started my teaching career at a university, I slowly realized that profession was not for me. Then, I worked my way into a stocks company where I struggled with problems such as starting an entry-level job and communicating with my colleagues. However, such experience helped me discover my inner strengths which I was unaware of until then. This allowed me to overcome my fears and shyness.​

I enjoy learning lessons the hard way because in overcoming them, I grow and feel more empowered. I always remember that I am the only audience member of my life, so I live boldly. This means that if I had to rewind, I would not regret anything I have done."

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Mrs Luu Tuyet Hanh - Senior Manager, HR & Admin Savills Ha Noi

"The youthful and dynamic environment at Savills has been my biggest source of energy. Here, I get to interact with younger people who bring fresh perspectives and high spirits to the job. This passion transcends to experienced employees, blurring the lines between different generations. For me, it is their stories and their eagerness that keep me attached to Savills for the last 22 years."

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Ms Nguyen Thuy Hang - Head of MarCom Savills Viet Nam

"There are many people who have inspired me to become a leader, but I believe the largest inspiration in my life was my college teacher. He showed me the characteristics of a great leader. He would always start a group meeting by explaining the objectives that we need to achieve and would always ask the students' opinion and input. I am still trying to apply this in my everyday job, as I believe this leadership style is the most effective to get people on board and motivated in delivering the results."

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