Our consultancy services complement our research and valuation services as the three core disciplines under the umbrella of our professional services business.

In Asia-Pacific we value highly our regional consultancy experience and the knowledge we have earned across so many real estate sectors and markets, from India to Japan, from China to New Zealand.

We pride ourselves on our local expertise which, combined with international experience and an up-to-date understanding of the latest real estate trends and methodologies, can add real value to any project. 

Our expertise also covers the full lifecycle of any development from planning through to final completion. Our extensive agency and property management businesses also have a vital role to play, ensuring that the latest market tends are well understood.

Our core consultancy services include:

We aim to find optimal solutions for our clients which balance innovation, quality, flexibility and value for money, whether you are an investor or a developer, a landlord or a tenant, a buyer or a seller.

For other professional services, please also see research services and valuation services.

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Regional Consultancy

As the movement of people and capital across regional borders accelerates, investors, developers and tenants increasingly demand access to regional consultancy services.