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What makes Savills Vietnam a University for trainees

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Savills truly is a university for all of fresh graduates

1. Learn & Do

New graduates anxious about their knowledge and personal skills need not be when entering into employment at Savills. Our main criteria places each individual in a certain role within the company so graduates will be trained in basic real estate knowledge and the specific skills needed for the internship. Savills offers trainees the opportunity to work as real employees and learn skills that can be applied to real-life situations. We base this style of teaching on the view that practical experience in workplace is the optimal way to learn and further develop professional skills. This form of teaching has a two-way effect – Savills also receives beneficial learning and lessons.

2. Conscientious teachers

As one of the world’s largest real estate firms, Savills brings together various international teams and real estate professionals. This means that Savills can provide a vast pool of knowledge for our interns to learn more about the real estate industry. Savillians are always willing share their own practical experiences and knowledge, which can provide exciting and lively lessons for fresh graduates. Besides knowledge gained, the real estate field requires a high level of skills in communication, presentation and negotiation. Savills ensures that skills training courses are always available for trainees to register.

3. Professional international environment

Starting out in a large, international company can sometimes sound overwhelming and fresh graduates often have a fear that they’re not able to successfully perform at their job. As a part of an international firm such as Savills in which professionalism is always appreciated, trainees will be trained how to work in an organization with well-defined procedures. This will assist in helping to shape work habits and attitudes in any other job.

Savills Vietnam culture is helping colleagues and encouraging each other in work. This will help to clear gaps between management and staff also get ensure new staff easily transitions into the new environment.

With clear, enthusiastic and forward-looking attitudes, graduates will be guided by Savills to take the first steps in their career. This solid footing and constant assistance will allow our graduates to successfully take the next steps in their future career.

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