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Savills in pictures: The unforgettable Japan Day in Hanoi

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On Sunday, 23 September, Savills Vietnam took part in the “Japan Day: Full Moon Festival” – an activity to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relationship between Vietnam and Japan and the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival at the Manor Central Park.

“Japan Day: Full Moon Festival” has attracted over 12,000 local and international visitors. At the festival, The Manor Central Park was transformed into a small Japan inside Hanoi with different famous districts and neighborhoods in Japan such as Ginza, Fuji, Tsuki and Sasuke. Each area has its own distinction, creating new creation ground to induce visitors to explore.

Besides, being held in the time of Mid-Autumn festival, the event was a chance to promote the cultural values of both countries through a wide range of cultural activities. All activities enabling visitors to immerse into the cultural values of two countries such as Japanese Fan Dance, the tea ceremony, ikebana from Japan and mooncakes cooking class, lantern making sessions and ao dai performance from Vietnam.

As the event took place in the time of Mid-Autumn festival, Savills Vietnam has given all children who came to the event hundreds of star lanterns, which are the central element of the festival’s visual symbol, to remind them that despite embracing other cultures is essential in such globalising world, retaining the value of national culture is still a priority.

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