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Savills Vietnam visits Blue Dragon Campus

"Savills Vietnam visited the Blue Dragon Campus Hanoi on 23 September to hear from staff about the organization, difficulties they routinely face, as well as heart-breaking, yet often inspiring stories of children under their care. Savills fully supports the Blue Dragon mission. Re-confirming the long-term educational cooperation with Blue Dragon is central to Savills Cares campaign but supporting Blue Dragon’s contribution to society is an honour. On 30 September Savills Vietnam extended their agreement with Blue Dragon into its third consecutive year. Savills will also continue sponsoring their "A Brighter Future" scholarship program to help underprivileged children into education. The Blue Dragon partnership is part of Savills Cares campaign which started in 2017. Savills decided to stop participating in industry awards and instead use the entry fees to help underprivileged children in Viet Nam gain an education. Savills Vietnam and Blue Dragon will sponsor tuition fees and living expenses for ten students in the academic year 2020-2021 compared to the eight in 2019. Savills Vietnam will also coach soft skills and customer service understanding. Having these essential abilities will open up employment opportunities in the real estate sector or service industries. Savills extensive experience in staff development ensures a style of training session where students feel at ease while gaining the confidence to express themselves."