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#SAVILLIAN - A Day in A Life of Commercial Leasing Associate Director

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🕕  06:30 AM  

Is about the time I usually wake up. I get to the gym every morning for an hour..hard to do sometimes but I like the feeling afterwards - energised. At the same time, I check the local and world news and get some in-depth real estate industry news. I really like the industry I’m in and am interested in it too.
After the gym is done a coffee, quick check of my emails and my schedule before going to the office. I’ve been in this industry for over 07-years. Email, coffee and news is my first thing, after the gym, daily routine now.

🕓  08:00 - 08:30 AM  

Grab a banh mi for breakfast and a second coffee on the way to work. Happy to see my lovely colleagues “Hi” with a big smile always. Quick team briefing and we’re making the moves to get a productive day underway. There’s a good feeling in the team. I supervise 07 leasing consultants. We share what we’re all doing today, especially to-do lists highlights so we can discuss and get useful tips from each other. These sessions are great fun and very helpful. And its gets us all in the zone – our energy is up, and that’s essential.

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🕒  09:00 AM   

This is a busy day I’ve got 02 client meetings to talk about leasing, the market, and discuss options, or we may just skip that part entirely and schedule a tour. Leasing is not winning all the time but every part of the work we do is essential to get the win. We call it “hit or miss”. Even though I have successfully leased a lot of projects to blue chip corporations, corporate decisions take time, so we have to ensure we’re on hand to help them make the right ones for them - and us.
My day is ramping up. I’ve been asked to do a regional proposal and my inbox is full. And I’ve got a calls to day has accelerated. I’m motivated and feel very positive.

          09:45 AM  

First meeting is very pleasant and lasts around half an hour. The tenant likes my presentation. The deal is on the right track


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 🕙  10:30 AM  

After getting through my emails, its time to get on the phone. I call existing and potential clients to follow up on all my various projects and status. Some take three calls before I get to speak with them. I keep a call log so I get to those who didn't answer or ‘weren't available’ later in the day.

🕑   01:00 PM   Back to the office. I’m now on the regional new project proposal. This could become a ‘project of the year’ so I get to it. No calls. Just the proposal.


🕛  12:00 PM 

Lunch. Usually I take this with my team but today I take it with my colleague from accounts as tomorrow she’s moving to a new branch office. We have worked together for a long time. She’s been great and has helped me and my team a lot so I want to spend as much time as possible hanging out with her before she leaves.

🕑  02:00 PM 

Site Tour. Lately a lot of my property tours have had very senior people involved such as a Vice President or Principal. This is a great chance to better understand their needs and perhaps impress a little with my knowledge and ability. The challenge is to satisfy the tenant’s needs, get them the space they need …and get them to see it was well, actually, their idea all along.


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🕓  04:00 PM 

Finish the tour with some positive tenant feedback. Just a couple of outstanding things to complete I need to discuss with The Landlord. After that, I take another look at the potential ‘project of the year’ proposal and spend another hour on it.

Then a quick catch up with my team to discuss any good/bad feedback they had from their clients. We discuss and identify things that work to help all of us. Sharing is the best way to solve problems and improve skills.

Last but not least, for this actually kind of typical Savills day: review what I’ve done today and start the plan for tomorrow.

🕕  06:30 PM 

IIt’s that sweet time to go and enjoy the night.Now food is inspiring me..

"Another brilliant day at Savills. My team has been excellent which gives me a great feeling too. I’ve got that regional potential Project of the Year in the pipeline which is exciting – have to do a great job on that. I’m preparing for great things and appreciate my company supporting me to succeed.
I can truly say, I love my job with Savills!

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