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Property Management Services: Three Leadership Defining Focus Areas

As property management services continues to expand in Viet Nam, investors are prioritizing experienced professional service providers to best manage and protect their assets. A full range of consultancy, management and operational support packages comes from years of best practice with unrelenting focus to every project aspect. As social media continues to expand its influence, building liveability and reputation has never been more important. Savills 25 years in Vietnam has earned its real estate management leadership position through constant improvement, innovation and good old-fashioned hard work. Ms. Tran Minh Ai, Savills Senior Property Management Director, shared the three core elements Savills focuses on:


Savills Vietnam Property Management Department remarkable gains over the past 5 years look set to continue. From having 40 projects in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with around 400 employees, to over 100 signed projects - with service demand increasing. The latest 7.8 million m2 under management employs over 1700 staff. Behind this unprecedented growth is Savills Property Management Senior Director, Ms. Tran Minh Ai, who said, “Quality real estate management has become essential to residential and commercial projects in Viet Nam. Project quantity and quality have both increased considerably over the past few years, and with that tenant expectations of service have increased. Investors recognize ongoing quality management realizes more income, demand and improved asset management values. All of this is powering demand for high quality services and of course, seen more service providers enter the market. The most important factor in selecting the right management company for your property is reliability, professionalism, expertise with experience, and consistently transparent management. At Savills we are proud of our long record in Viet Nam and confident we are the leading support agency for high-end projects.”

Savills Vietnam


Savills Vietnam Property Management Department recently had its portfolio increase by 5 more high-end residential and commercial projects in Ho Chi Minh City, including the Nine South Estates project with 381 Villas in Nha Be District; The Sunwah Pearl Complex with 1358 apartments in Binh Thanh District; the Q2 Thao Dien luxury apartment tower in District 2; EcoGreen project with 4200 apartments in District 7; and Friendship Tower, the latest Grade A office building in District 1.

Savills Vietnam

Sunwah Pearl apartment complex with 1358 luxury apartments

Frienship Tower Building

Friendship Tower, the latest Grade A office building in central HCMC

2. Technological Innovation

Savills has been shifting from traditional management systems for some time now as Ms Ai drives property management digitization. Proprietary technology has further optimized management performance, simplified legal processes with an overarching focus on resident quality of life. Developed in Viet Nam, the outstanding mobile application Property Cube launched in late 2019 at all Savills projects is becoming indispensable for project management teams. However, for residents it’s the mobile app which makes life easy. Streamlining building management communications, bill payments, booking utilities, maintenance; building events updates and news. Its success – resident uptake is over 90% - has seen it exported to Savills managed projects across Asia Pacific

Continuously updated with new practical features, Property Cube adaptive usefulness was confirmed during the first complicated Covid-19 outbreak in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Mr. Neil MacGregor, Savills Vietnam Managing Director shared, "Widespread quick, simple and effective implementation of Property Cube to all Savills managed projects during the Covid-19 epidemic, helped improve operational standards, staff training and management reporting. Savills will always aim to improve Property Cube, to further elevate the resident-living, or tenant-working experience at Savills managed projects. "

Savills Vietnam


3. Fast, Flexible, First.

Just how effective Savills Property Management processes were became clear when the first-wave of Covid-19 hit Vietnam. Property Management challenges came thick, fast and all at once, with most potentially deadly. Many Savills managed buildings found residents who were F0 patients with hundreds of potential close contacts, including Savills project staff. However, leadership moved decisively, immediately switching to emergency protocols while adding further containment measures to prevent further infection. As Property Cube became updated with the Government health declaration, its resident-direct communications were already supporting social distancing with reliable pandemic advice.

Project management leadership, still on ‘red-alert’ when the second wave appeared, swiftly took control with total support from residents and project investors. Ms. Tran Minh Ai reflected: "This was the biggest challenge for Savills in 25-years of real estate management in Vietnam. We are immensely proud of all our frontline staff, how they adapted to manage the situation with calm professionalism; without complaint they worked even harder to make sure residents were safe, even those under quarantine. We have since established even higher standards in operational procedures, communications while switching regular staff training programs online. Our employees selflessly put personal safety to one side to ensure, above all, the safety of our residents and customers in every project we manage. We are grateful and humbled by their dedication to maintaining our very high service standards ".

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