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Property Cube: 3 Outstanding Features for Added Convenience

With Savills Property Management portfolio at well over 100 projects, their proprietary Property Cube application provides the optimal solution to improving service quality and resident living in any Savills managed project. Let's take a look at 3 outstanding features which streamline resident living while improving project management efficiencies.

Regularly Updated Information

During the Covid-19 pandemic, resident safety became more important than ever. Property Cube was swiftly adapted to carry official disease prevention updates to ensure relevant information was directly available via resident mobile phones. Other safety protocols on Property Cube including fire safety training programs, insect preventative activities, and rule changes are automatically updated online, instead of via more traditional, often less visible methods such as message boards.

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Greater Resident Convenience

Common facilities such as the BBQ area, or tennis and basketball courts usually have tight booking schedules. The Booking Amenities feature helps residents check, book and receive detailed information about these utilities without the need of going to reception.

The Job Requests feature enables anyone needing home repair or installation services to simply book them online, which eases the process for residents while accelerating response times.

Property Cube application also provides benefits through the ‘Extra Services’ feature. Collaboration with vendors deliver numerous discounts and benefits to users: this feature receives the most positive feedback from residents.

Ms. Ha Thi Mai Hoa – Savills Hanoi Manager of Customer Services & Property Cube, shared: “Property Cube is constantly being upgraded to bring extra convenience and benefits to residents in Savills managed projects. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the app drastically reduced the need for close contact with receptionists, workers and the Management Board while making residents feel safer and more secure.”

Transparent Online Payment

The ‘Fees’ function helps residents pay online through a few simple steps while providing a transaction history for easy housekeeping. Making the payment process more transparent between management, investors and residents minimizes errors or any miscommunication.

Ms. Vu Kieu Hanh, Savills Hanoi Head of Property Management said: “Technology is an inevitable trend and will, over the longer term, redefine development of the real estate industry in Viet Nam. At projects managed by Savills Vietnam, technological factors such as the Property Cube application are considered a bonus by investors and residents. Being developed in-house Property Cube software is only applied in Savills managed projects.”

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Property Cube has been deployed in over 70 projects since 2019. Some key projects in Ha Noi include Splendora, Seasons Avenue Apartment, CT4 Vimeco, Gold Tower, Embassy Garden and Starlake. The application is expected to be deployed in Skypark Residence in January 2021.

With the aim of bringing more convenience to resident lives through technology, Savills will continue refining and deploying Property Cube in their managed projects over 2021.

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