Our specialist teams manage property in all commercial sectors covering office, retail, leisure and industrial. Working all over Vietnam, we make sure we cover all bases, whether that’s day-to-day maintenance, financial reporting, staff employment, or marketing strategies.

From day-to-day maintenance to marketing strategies, our experts cover all bases of management of commercial property.

Tran Minh Ai (Director, Property Management, Savills Vietnam)

We have dedicated experts working in each specialism, allowing us to hone in and tailor our key property management services. These include rent collection, service charge administration, sustainability, commercialisation, concierge services, marketing and research.

Our large team of hundreds of experts work across millions of sq m of Vietnam property. However we realise that every client is different and having a bespoke service is key to management success, so our services are always tailored to clients’ requirements.

Related Services


Research Consultancy

With a multitude of uncertain macro variables in Vietnam, accurate property market research is crucial in minimising downside risks. Savills can provide refined research to ensure all unknown variables are quantified so that projects have the maximum opportunity for success.


Hotel Development & Management Consultancy

With a strong understanding of the local real estate market, our Hotel team is able to provide a wealth of experience, knowledge and a deep analyst of the hospitality market. A comprehensive study is critical to ensure that the project matches with the market, the developer’s budget and strategies, the potential buyers or the target guests. We provides a full range of advisory to support the developer on the project’s concept.


Short-term Leasing

Whether it’s during a work placement, bridging a gap between selling and buying, getting to know a new area, or for a film crew on assignment, there are many reasons for using a short term lease.